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About Suzie

Suzie Park grew up in a small but active Midwestern college town. She took two years of college courses during high school, was a cheerleader and soccer player, and acted in a variety of roles including Madonna – her first and last experience with stuffed bustiers, a Southern telephone operator, a British snob, and a dowager aunt. In community theatre, she played one of many nuns – her fondest memory was the cast’s going to a restaurant in costume – not something you see every day!

Later, she obtained her undergraduate degree with a concentration in marketing from the Wharton School in Philadelphia. Afterwards, in real life, she played corporate spy, technology marketer, and fashion importer.

Having a commanding yet compassionate voice has landed her roles such as cardiologist, factory supervisor, caregiver, Supreme Court Justice, mother, and IT instructor. She also has a girly nature, a party-girl persona as she still loves going to Spanish clubs till five or six in the morning, as well as a fighting spirit, so she’s an intriguing package and a joy on set.

She speaks excellent Spanish and has impressive accents and proficiency in French and Italian. For more of a challenge, she took an auditioning workshop in Madrid, Spain conducted entirely in Spanish by one of Spain’s best-known casting directors. Her ability to mimic accents is also worthy of note. Many of her language and accent skills can be heard in her
voiceover demos.


To make use of her storytelling talents and delight in making people laugh, she has recently begun performing and studying stand-up comedy with Sam Cox of the Comedy Gym. Her openness with people she meets wherever she goes has given her great inspiration for material along with her broad life experiences as an urban adventurer, mother, and oddity. Suzie has 0.1% fear. Bring it on!

On October 1, 2012, with her third-ever public performance, Suzie unexpectedly won the Austin Stand-up Slam held by the Comedy Gym at Hyde Park Theatre, for her originality and unique style. That theatre background comes in handy as she uses her whole body and every muscle in her face in her acts. See the
comedy section for her future and past performance dates.

Since March 31, 2013, she has been busy with a new venture, Stand-up comedy has become sit down to write, stand up to shoot, and sit down again to edit video greetings primarily using actors, to entertain for all types of occasions.